Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Bikes

I keep sending pictures of my bikes to people. So I may as well just make a blog post for everyone to see.

My first bike a blue Chimo Criterium that I bought when I was 13. Unfortunately, it was stolen when I was in my early twenties. I'll see if I can find an old picture of it.


This second bike I got as a teenager, when I was 16. It is a Spanish bike, brand name, Torrot, meaning "bull". It was only imported into Canada, by one man, Ozzie Mellon, an colorful and opinionated character.

Friday, November 25, 2011

The Microcosm, The Macrocosm And Renewables

Our behavior can affect others, or society at large.

I've been contemplating. Some of our behaviors can be very good for an individual (in the microcosm), but at the same time, be bad for society (the macrocosm). Or vice versa. Or, they can be good for both. Or, even bad for both.

I quickly started to make a long list.

Microcosm (down)









Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mechanix Illustrated 1959: Heat Your House With Solar Energy

Recently, I came across the April 1959 issue of Mechanix Illustrated magazine.

It had the article:  Heat Your House With Solar Energy, by John I Yellot.

I've been looking at solar energy for a few years now, including solar thermal for heating.  It's very interesting to see this early work of this solar pioneer. 

The issue of economics was also mentioned back then: 
"The principles of solar heating are simple. The trick is to install the equipment at a cost so low that the total annual cost of owning it and whatever auxiliary equipment is needed to ensure good year-round performance is less than the cost of doing the entire heating job by conventional methods."

It's good to see that after 50 years, there are a lot more efficient, and cost effective solar systems on the market now!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Why I Use Tennis Shoes, Toe Clips, and Straps For Cycling

There are a lot of cycling shoes out there.  Some are quite fancy, like the bindings on ski boots.

However, I've always used my leather tennis shoes with classic toe clips and straps.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Review of the Tubus Disco Bicycle Rack On My Classic Road Race Bike

After struggling with a number of ways to put a bike rack on my Specialized Allez Pro, I eventually bought a Tubus Disco bike rack.

The Tubus Disco rack is actually designed for bikes with disc brakes.  However, after visiting a store with Tubus products, and visualizing every rack up against my road bike, I decided on the Disco. 

Bike Racks on a Classic Road Race Bicycle That Has No Eyelets For A Rack

I always throw my lock, tire repairs stuff, etc. in my bike panniers.  In the past, when I've left stuff in panniers on the bike, some objects have got ripped off from inside the bags.   So, when I go to the store, the bags always come with me via quick releases.  Thus, my desire for a bike racks over the rear tire on all my bikes.  One set of bags and tools.  Just move them from from bike to bike.

I had a older Specialized Allez Pro from the early 90s.

I loved how this bike handled.  But, this bike did not have any eyelets for either rack or fenders.  :(